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tonight he is challenging obama's policy. we are the people, the president workings for us. >> and he's offering real reasonable. dr. benjamin on hanity tonight. >> this is the fox report tonight. our u.s. military about to face deep budget cuts. what can help stop the pain? a former military officer who spent years working with
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pentagon tax dollars has a bold answer for sequestitration and a message from washington. what was the light in the sky broof san francisco. reports from witnesses and a video backing up the claims. a mysterous flying object and this time in u.s. air space and coming just hours after a metor exploding thousands of miles away and rattling buildings and people below . fox reports from inside russia on the cosmic clean up following a direct hit from outer space . a new warning over the defense budget showdown this time from the army's top brass. in my opinion sequestation is not in the best interest of the national security. it places a burden on the soldiers and civilians and
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plus, questions tonight about whether washington is playing politics with the troops and what deep cuts would mean for our military. and a police cruiser there one moment and gone the next after a car slams into it somewhere caught in all of that blur, a little boy. >> i am harris faulkner and it is time for the clean up the day after what looked like an assault from the sky. amateur video caught it all. it is a bright light, a meteor streaking across the sky in rush yampt the space rock hurdled out of the atmosphere at 40,000 miles per hour faster than we were told and then the sonic boom. the explosion happening over the mountain with a force estimated strong as an atomic bomb, 20 of them .
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now we have video showing a giant hole in a lake where a piece of the metor hit. people in russia counting the blessings that the rock did not land on a heavily populated the shock wave injured people and most who were hurt are now out of the hospital. but the damage is extensive and we have seen images of collapsed rooftops and thousands of people gathered to repair it out. it is cold there 10 degrees right now. joining us via scipe -- skype from minneapolis cow. dan, what is the latest on the clean up and recovery efforts? nwe are talking about a massive operation here that the authorities are trying to get into we have 2 much i emergency and other officials. recover officials dispatched in the area to survey the damage to help repair the
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damage. we have got, we have got 33 million worth damage in the area and city and reg 81 that is a tremendous number. local officials say somewhere between 35,000 to 50,000 windows were blown out as the shock waves. it is an enormous clean up effort that the authorities are confident that they can get a hold on with some promising that schools and businesses will get back to normal by monday and by the end of the week all main repairs should be done. but again, the reason that we are talking about it here is deep in central russia, very cold this time of year and one of the -- it is exposed apartment buildings and rooms and exposed hot water pipes. so these are all serious considerations . all they indicate they will
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repair the thing soon, it may not be soon enough. we'll have to wait and see how that pans out. >> you know, dan, these are the first acts that we are getting from you just how populated that area was. as i said to the viewerings, they were thankful it didn't hit a heavily populated city. so many got injured. >> the city itself has 1.1 million people and so it is it a very large city in central russia. rush quais generally sparsely populated but the impact, and came, the meteor struck close to the actul city. when you have that densely populate would regions, its a lot of people. >> many of our viewers know that this happened in russia many, many times not to the degree and magnitude.
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what is the national reaction to this? >> so far oddly enough. what i have picked up and noticing that the nation reaction is calm. russia has an unfortunate history of the naturals and catastrophes and they often leave damaging results politically, socially and economically, but in this case, people seem to be kind of weathering out in a very resilient way. there is a good dose of humor about this and people are generally just trying to weather it out and stick together and get through and not blame anyone as they have in the past. not the authorities or that kind of thing. >> it is it a natural event as we are pointing out. live via skype.
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our dan, thank you very much. nearly everybody can take a picture and share it with the world. in 1958 things were different and took a long time for the story to spread whatwhen one air experienced an area of russia 3000 miles of where the meteor yesterday blew up. it was the largest explosion caused by a space rock that plunged in. 5000a acresof forest flattened. it was 1,000 more powerful than the atomic bomb. people heard it 600 miles away and live stock knocked off their feet and people suffered broken bones. some of what they saw yesterday.
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experts surprise a comet or asteroid praginant. from russia to the united states, and what happened in the skies over an american city last night. witnesses report a bright streak of light and just in case they were imagining it, there's video. >> you can hear the people reacting to it inside of the car. some people described what they saw was a fire ball. san francisco is where this is. it is not clear what that fire ball is. we captured it for you and highlighted on your screen. scientist in oakland believe it was a small piece of an asteroid. but experts say it is just a coincidence. bright light in northern california coming hours after the metor explode in russia . an asteroid passed cloyce to
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earth all in the past 48 hours. >> olympic star oscar pistorius is charged with murder and numb with grief and shock. he is behind bars after his model girlfriend was shot. here she is reeva steenkamp star of a reality that premieres with a tribute in her honor. on that show and after it it was her last wish for her family to see her shine on television. they have more from johanas burg, south africa. >> it is it the unsettling viewing. reeva steenkamp speaking about being voted off of the reality tv show days after she was shot to death. >> it is the way you go out and you made your exit is so important. you even made an impact in a positive way . pain had taining secrecy and
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class and being true to yourself. i am going to miss you all so much. i love you very, very much. >> south africa public broadcaster aired the short tribute before showing the first episode. ers claim she was proud of the show and wanted people to know who she really was. she's famous now of the girlfriend of oscar pistorius, allege would lie murdered on his home on valentine's day. he is held in the pretoria police station and members of the family visited him and they faced the camera to speak about the case. >> no doubt for the substance was allegation and the state's own case, including its own forensic evidence, strongly refute any possibility of
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being premeditated murder. >> distress of pistorius' family is obvious. oscar was numb with shock and grief. pistorius will be back in court on tuesday. when more details will be revealed by the prosecution and the defense team may give their version of events. >> our thank togs emma heard for sky news for that report from johanas burg, south africa. >> washington d.c. hurleming to a budget deadline. there is this time sequestration. that is a trillion in automatic across the board spending cut that is came about as a result of the debt ceiling fight two years ago. they will slowly kick in on march 1st and hit hur military especially hard. the army chief of staff
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reporting that our sold yirs could see longer time in stanford . top navy officials warning about the raidness of fleet of aircraft carriers and may not be able to deploy to carriers in the same time. steech is live in washington. >> there is troops in stanford, many of them serving multiple tours of duty and have to stay in the combat zone longer than the usual one year if drastic budget cuts go through. here is the army chief of stampt >> for example, we'll curtail training for 80 percent of ground forces. this will impact ourits war fighting skims and introduce short fall necessary critical specialities. including aviation and intelligence and engineering and our ability to ricruit soldiers in to our army. >> training would be a major casult i there is other
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consequences. less maintenance was expensive war fighting equipment and republicans blame the president for the whole crisis. >> in his state of the union address president obama admitted the cuts were a bad idea. what the president fail tod mention was the sequester was his idea in the debt limit. >> the president're said congress needs to act before the deadline in the end of the month. he didn't mention sequester in the saturday address but that progress is made on deficit reduction. >> over the last few years, both parties have worked together to reduce the deficit 2.5 trillion and halfway to the goal of four trillion that economist say we need . now we need to finish the job. >> in the meantime congress is taking the weekend off balse
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of the president's day holiday, harris. >> all right. steve, thank you very there anye the sequestration crisis? coming up. del ving in the idea with a guest who has an idea . the message to the lawmakers who are putting the military in the middle of the battle. >> conditions in one state. destruction following a multicar pile up. vehiclings all over a free in under an overpass where drivers are warned to stay off of the road. >> facebook and founder mark zuckerberg, his company made a billion in profit last year but does not owe uncle sam one dime. facebook expects a pretty big refund. how thatdoes that work. stay close.
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>> winter storm hitting detroit. heavy snoy and ice blamed for multivehicla crash bes and highway closures. one pile up near interstate 25 involved 20 cars. white out conditions made things worse. at one point today snow was falling an inch an hour. amazingly very few reports of. people ever urged to stay off of the road says. -- roads. facebook hith the like button over the tax code. they earned a billion in profit and will pay zero in federal and state income taxes and get a massive refound thanks to tax breakings. peter doocy breaks it down. >> facebook 1.1 billion .
4:20 pm
combined federal and state democracy tax bill will get a refund of 42 are million thanks to one tax deduction for executive stock option. >> employees cash in the stock option and at that point there is a tax deduction it didn't cost. it is treated as wages and they get a deduction for it and they don't wipe out the tax bill but many companies get breaks from it >> in coming years. they will get 3 billion dollars in tax breaks and earlier this week president obama said it shouldn't happen. >> saching hundreds by getting rid of diductions . >> social media societiesed president obama's campaign and experts think that is why he doesn't single them out. >> the president had a double standard when it came to picking out advantages for his
4:21 pm
policy agenda. he questions oil and gas companies for taking deduction but leaves facebook who pay a low tax rate and doesn't make them an example the same way like oil and gas. >> facebook has declined to comment on their massive tax break. high end car maker reported that cars have a serious problem. bmw had a huge recall . police were looking for this inmate. he escaped . the manhunt after days is finally over. details on how the search came toon end. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside?
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>> bmw is recalling more than 6000 cars in the u.s. and can dampt safety officials say over time battery connectors and a fuse box can deteriorate. the car is lose power and the engine will stall. bmw is recalling all models in the top selling series . one series coups and convertibles from 2008 to 2012 . z-sports cars. bmw said they will secure the battery cable for free. they will notify owners in march.
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if your car is affected. call bmw on the bottom of your screen. city of new haven connecticut expected to get more snow this weekend. it is working and digging out from last weekend's blizzard. president obama declared a state of the emergency for the nutmeg state. the national guard is helping with clean up and they are seeking federal assistance and they are starting to run out of the places to put all of that snow. they haven't had much melting like we have in new york city. elizabeth? >> yeah, they couldn't be farther from the truth. the blizzard may have hit a week ago and people are cleaning up with a slow and steady process. we are in one of thes where they are putting all of the snow they are trying to clean off of the roadways there. is a truck pulling in pull full of snow. these pime his are 30 or 40
4:27 pm
feet high and all of that snow has no where to go. we spoke with an official who told us there was 816 million pounds that fell on the roadways alion. that left folks stranded without power for a week . the total price tag is yet to be determined. state police requested additional federal funding and connecticut officials will collect information from all . cities affected to apply for additional reimbursement. it is it fairly unusual for a blizzard. the president declared a state of messenger due to the gravity of the situation. that alo licated federal reimbursement over the initial 48 time period. the state said they are requesting a 24 hour extension because harris, they didn't realize the gravity and how long it would take to clean up and all of the resources they
4:28 pm
needed. back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. >> the violent impact of a high speed chase caught on a plice cruiser's dash cam caught in real time. >> that police officer able to get out of the way just before the crash and he was not the only person to escape with his life. inside all of that blur there is a child. and threat of defense, budget cuts. our nation's military caught in a political battle? a former officer has the answer to sequestitration andments washington to know. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool.
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plus the perfecting color of a bb cream equal? introducing the newest beauty trend. total effects cc cream c for color. c for correction. [ female announcer ] fight 7 signs of aging flawlessly. cc what's possible. >> i am harris falker it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. for weeks we heard dire warningings of the crippling impacts of the looming sequestration and how it will hurt government programs including national defense. tom military leaders warning that will hurt readiness. leon paneta said the cuts could turn america in a super world power. but just how much can it hurt our department of defense? is it hype? what is it? ? joining me is captain chuck nash. captain, thanks for being with
4:33 pm
us. >> my pleasure, harris. >> someone has the answer to the sequestitration fight. you are that someone. what is it? >> the big picture is president of the united states needs to send a budget over to capitol hill that is realistic and that means someone will it o one has been willing to vote for his budgetings. the house is passing budgets as law said and synding them to the senate. the senate has yet to pass a budget in the last four years. so the whole town is violating federal statut except for the house that is passing budgets. we find our both sides of the political aisle understand that the cuts must be made. because we are borrowing 43 cents of every dollar we sphend. instead of having political courage to make the cuts, they set themselves up in a game of
4:34 pm
chickin at high speed and cost and driving in and what needs to be done, is all of these federal agencies need to be given their top line . other words this is what it is going to be . let them decide what programs or people and things they need to cut to make the top line. it is going to be painful and congress, if the services were to in and cut this procurement program you would have people on the hill screaming not in my drict. balse of a look of political courage we find ourselves in a game of chick yen looks like it is going to happen on march first. >> that top line is what you are say that this pentagon needs to be hand said a bill. the actul number that needs to be cut and let them decide which part of the department gets cut . why why is that critical? >> it would be in your own
4:35 pm
budget at home. if you were to get say, use the real numbers. if you were to get a nine percent pay cut which is what sequestitration is talking about. you would make the decisions of all of the acts where you spend mon yeyou would trim your sales in certain areas. maybe not the vacation this year. you would use the money. you would not say i will pay none percent of the mortgage and credit card bims and 91 percent of the doctor bill. no, you would make what they call in the pentagon vertical cuts and you say i am going to kill this particular program and take all of the money from it and make sure i can keep balance. you have to make tough choices. >> i want our viewers to know that you were for a times for all tactical aviation in the pentagon. you had experience of looking at budgets and saying they do it this way .
4:36 pm
not across the board and you make the choice at pentagon and where do you cut. >> just to be clear. i ran the tactical requirement shop for naval aviation for three years whampt you have to do. balance the three legs of the stool. one is manpower and one is procurement and one is readiness f. you go after the procurement accounts and baying things. buying ships and aircrafts and say i am going to cut those things. they are liability costs and you can't get away from them and walk away from the deal and that is a cost you are going to have to pay. that is going to hold you back. you can't give pink slips to military people and tell them to go home. up can't stop recruiting because there is it a future and you have to ricruit from the future. they are cutting in the readiness accounts and they are saying we'll not deploy
4:37 pm
harry s. truman as they are testifying and not have the replacement troops to replace troops in stanford . what they are doing. they are hidging the readiness accounts because it would be less difficult to restart those than it would be to make up for a big manpower swing or a procurement account swing. they are taking the risk in the short term accounts and hoping that sequestitration doesn't happen . that is hope against hope at this point. >> one last question. y want - we want everyone to understand. things like affordable act oir obama care falls in mandatory category. talk me about the difference of where the cuts are coming from quickly. >> with discretionary accountings we spend more on medicare and social security than we do on defense.
4:38 pm
defense is 16 percent of the budge and it will take 50 percent of the sequestitration hits. it is out of balance and a lot of the nondiscretionary accounts are sort of fire walls and they are limited on what you can take out of them . so first and foremost, it is about priveding for the common dense it is about to take a hit. >> bottom line. hand each place their own bill and let them make decisions about which area to cut and that is coming from captain nash tonight. we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure, harris. >> tonight in texas, a nearly week long manhunt for a fugitive is over. police have shot an escaped inmate after he refused to cooperate with officers and lunged at them it happened in a wooded area close to the
4:39 pm
dallas-fort worth airport. he was not armed but holding stickings. he stabbed a police officer with his eye glass. they they were nolt going to take any chances. >> the officers are relieved we no longer center a threat out . the citizens also. >> and he was being driven to nevin by two miami police officers when he atalked one of them and got away. that officer has a collapsed lung. >> and why are giting information on how the expolice officer manage tod evade police. christopher dorner apparently took his own life. he died to a single gunshot wound to the head. his body in the basement of a burned out cabin that we watched forever hours after a massive manhunt that spread
4:40 pm
through three states and mexico. the former lapolice officer opened an unlock door to evade the officers. adam, really? it is too easy to believe but i guess it is true. >> for a second, those that haven't been you upon to big bear. cugo through them but it is tough to retrace your stips which is what authorities didn't do. they went through the cabin area and checked it out and put a yellow piece of tape and similar to what happened in flood areas. authorities mark the side of the house . in this case they marked it with a yellow police of tape . people unlooked it and darner stayed there. >> he made it almost down the hill. that's where the shoot out too place. authorities believe he shot himself in the basement of the cabin that burned.
4:41 pm
you can see it burned out . we were out there yesterday when the family thatoined the cabin came back. they watched it play out on television . they were thankful they were not there. but they felt for thoyce who lost loved ones from the man. >> i look at where that officer and all of the other people innocent people that this guy murdered. you know you can't stretch this is a cabin, we can rebuild. but someone lost a husband or father or daughter or future son in law, and you know, our loss is far less compared to what others have lost in this. >> of course, one of those losses is a san bernardino sheriff deputy. funeral will be this week. we expect a full autopsy reports from the authorities. >> adam houseley, thank you. a man found something that
4:42 pm
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executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choo any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ ale announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go naonal. go like a pro. >> a man in alliance ohio got a dangerous gift for valentine's day. there was a pipe bomb wrapped in tissue paper underneath his truck. he called 911. >> there is a wrapped up item with wires through it >> what? >> a wrapped up item that has wires that are stick coming out of it and it was under the
4:46 pm
bottom of my truck. >> good thing he noticed it police and atf and bomb squad disarmed the thing. they are trying to find out who put it there. >> a desperate man on the run. he led them on a high speed case. iowa. at times, the man in that car reaching 140 miles per hour. police didn't know there was a child in the back seat. it was a suspect's car hitting the police cruiser at full speed. the officer jumped out of the way. suspect is dead . police finding that little boy alive but injured. notice word on his condition. he had been taken from his mother who had full custodep. north carroll. bus driver and students hurt on the the way to school.
4:47 pm
police stay the drus failed to yield and the driver got a citation. they are expected to be okay. >> michigan. a bank robber and she left the backpack. the woman got away with money and turns out there was no bomb. nan army sergeant at home and surprising his two children after school in denver. >> boys and girls. we have mr. cedric's dad with us who just got back from stanford. >> the kids were enthusiastic about what was going to happen next. >> what are you going to do with dad. >> we are going to eat lunge contact.
4:48 pm
>> he and little ones together again. >> he used to spend ape lot of time with us . hee the love of my heart. >> a decline in the number much murders in mexico. audly it is affect being the sparct in ours. many took place necessary el paso, texas and in january there were 269s. it is a homicide rate and that is a 90 percent crop. >> packed apartment complexes are starting to empty out. patrick mans is live on the
4:49 pm
border. >> this is lent newings. they will miss the crash. between 2006 and 2010. 400,000 people fled the carnage in jaur as . some compleas accident got the nickname little mixco with so many nationals moving in. >> a lot of the ris dents were from jaurez area . not only owned home necessary jaurez but rented leer in el paso. >> last summer there was a drop of murders to 42 percent. that led many to return home. local realtors are seeing a similar trend. people from jaurez are still calling about homes for sale in el paso but the demand slowed down. kenny growth is president of
4:50 pm
the el paso of realtorings. >> they are not as nervous and feel more comfortable and they are staying over there and not as anxious to get over here. >> sales may be down but hopes are high for el paso's sister see. >> when the news gets out there it is safer in jaurez it would be a long-term economic win and the hope that more business business will be willing to move in. >> patrick manning live for us tonight in el paso, texas. >> sharks, no one want to hear that word when you are on the beach. shark and shark attackings are . notice, no, no. the growing number of shark
4:51 pm
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>> it always buggings me when you want to warn somebody about manage and never do it in time to pumthe kids away from the tv. we want to warn the viewers that pictures may be disturbing. the number of shark atax are on the rise. there were more attacks on humans last year than other year since 2000. the state of florida had more shark attacks than any one country in the world. keating tells us what is behind the encounters. >> it is it the latest shark attack victim. he is recovering from ape
4:55 pm
shark's razor sharp teeth. year 53 shark acocks in the world and most human blood in the water in a decade and the u.s. coastline leading the way. florida had 10 . five in california and five in south carroll . florida had more shark atax than any other country. >> as a result with the coastline and opportunities for sharks and humans to get together is enhanced. surfers and bogey boarders get attacked most often. 20 12 saw sharks kill 12 people. the number of shark attacks continue to risine
4:56 pm
applications are declining. that is it because of thaziar demand it is not that they are finding sumans more appetizing but the humans are going in the association and increasing the shark attack. they brush off being afraid. >> i am nolt afraid of the sharks at all. >> jaws was a movie it is not reality. >> they recommend up hit the shark on the nose . if it attackings you, you craw at the eyes and gills. good luck with that. in miami, florida: >> he gave us advice and now from sharks to the life saving rescue of a dolphin off of the coast of the san diego all caught on video. they raced to assist the
4:57 pm
dolphin who became entangled in the fishing line and fortunately a team of experts from nearby sea world was on handled. the golfun would have died without all of the help of the well trained rescuerings. >> we'll remember the youngest victims. new town trag deep. it is it a special way to involve the children. stay with us. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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